Student Dress Code

It is expected that Bay Park students will come to school neat, clean and appropriately dressed every day. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to see that students arrive dressed in a manner which will enhance the best possible learning situation.

The following items ARE appropriate for elementary school students to wear to school: Tennis shoes or other rubber-soled flat-heeled shoes that allow safe participation in physical education, recess activities and dance clothing that fits properly (“Saggy” pants are not allowed) hats as long as they are worn outside and not indoors.

The following items are NOT appropriate for students to wear at Bay Park: Lipstick and/or makeup clothing with pictures or slogans which promote alcohol, drugs, violence or which are obscene or vulgar gang-related attire or colors, large wire hoop or dangling earrings (Students with pierced ears should wear small post type earrings only.) Half-shirts, half-blouses or spaghetti strap tops, hats worn in school buildings including classrooms, flip-flops, sandals, jellies, or high-heeled shoes, decal tattoos, shoes with wheels.

Parents of students not following the dress code described above may be contacted and asked to provide other clothing for the day. Your support of the Bay Park Student Dress Policy is appreciated.

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